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About Me -

The Backyard Baker

I'm an Advertising Professional by the day and a baker by the night.

Food has always been my first love. When I finished my graduation I wanted to study to be a professional chef, but destiny had other plans and I landed as an Advertising Professional and today I run a Brand Consultancy.

However my love affair with food did not stop there, and just my luck that my man is a foodie. KJ loves good food and loves to experiment with his food. He is my guinea pig and my best critic.


Though I cook all sorts of things (read - various cuisines, everyday cooking, experiments etc.), but Baking gives me a high in life like nothing else does.

I bake when I'm Happy. I bake when I'm Sad. I bake for Love. I bake for Family. I Bake for Friends.


For the longest time I wanted to open a cafe, but at the moment I'm very happy doing what I do in life. Advertising for an occupation and Baking for love. When I cook / bake for love I can do what I want unlike doing it commercially.

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