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About Me

Food blogging is like cooking for a large family. There are members who get drawn by its aroma, while there are others who hang around in anticipation; and yet there a select few who even enter your kitchen and check you out.

Whichever way you look at it, food creates love.


January 16, 2019

January 2, 2019

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January 16, 2019

A Very Happy New Year !! Phew I blinked it was 2018 and I blink again and we have reached 2019.

A lot has happened over this last year or rather I should say over the last year and a half ! Blogging took a back seat.

Little M came into our lives.....and everything around...

September 27, 2017

Patri of the blog, Asi Son Los Cosas, was our September 2012 Daring Bakers’ hostess and 

she decided to tempt us with one of her family’s favorite recipes for Empanadas!  

We were given two dough recipes to choose from and encouraged to fill our Empanadas as creatively a...

September 26, 2017

I’m a weekend bread baker, or so my husband would like me to be, but with a full time job and a house to manage, bread baking at times can get a little demanding (of time). However the baker in me wins more often than not and my kitchen smells of fresh oven baked dinne...

September 1, 2017

What better way to start your New Year baking challenges than baking scones. The quick but tricky savory perfect Evening Tea accompaniment. Though my scones were ready on time, the post got delayed by a day....but better late than never !!

So many times I've come across...

August 3, 2017

It was that time of the month again when I had to pull up my socks and prepare for the Daring Baker's Challenge. This month I was so sure to participate....I even started preparing it well in time. I was excited at the thought of making Sourdough bread. Had never tried...

August 3, 2017

It's true that once you get the hang of the basic bread dough, there is no stopping you... So this time around, it had to be something more than just the plain loaf. Hence a stuffed loaf !!

Spring onions are one of my favourite filling for sandwiches so I assumed that t...

August 3, 2017

Kuku Chachu a man whom, life gave lemons and he made a tequila !!

The ever courageous, full of life and zeal, Kuku chachu was a friend to everyone he knew, with the best Infectious Smile I've ever smiled at.

He loved 'all things good' in life and had a distinct style and...

August 3, 2017

Many nutritionists now believe that a whole wheat parantha (layered flat bread, plain or stuffed and not baked in an oven but fried on a griddle) is packed with more health than bread....white bread. For many years now, as a rule, we do not buy 'White Bread'. Yes the g...

August 2, 2017

This year it was dad's 60th birthday and what could be better than a quick vacation to Shimla. His favourite hills and mine too.

Shimla the Queen of Hills, located in Himachal Pradesh was also the Summer Capital of the British Raj in 1864. A big small town located in th...

August 2, 2017

This is my first Daring Baker's Challenge and I'm completely elated.

The Daring Bakers go retro this month! Thanks to one of our very talented non-blogging members, Sarah, the Daring Bakers were challenged to make Croissants using a recipe from the Queen of French Cooki...

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Cakes come as much from the heart as they come from the hearth. There is an inbuilt celebratory aroma to a cake. The golden browns is then not only a visual treat, it is also the wiff that rises from its core!!
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