Jamie comes to town !!!

Jamie Oliver - Simple Honest and Fresh !

That is Jamie Oliver...... in his books, on the television and his restaurants !!

So before I start talking about the new kid on the block in the food business in India, let me tell you a little about Jamie Oliver, the man himself !!

Jamie Oliver started cooking at his parent's pub, the Cricketers, in Clavering, Essex at the age of 8 years and has gone on to work with some of the top chefs of the world and today is a renowned name on the global food map !! Today he is not just a successful celebrity chef and entrepreneur, but also a responsible citizen who believes in giving back to the society. His television and publishing career began in 1999 with the Naked Chef series. Since then, he has revolutionised home cooking in UK.

Jamie’s Pizzeria opens in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. Following the passion & pride of Jamie Oliver, Jamie’s Pizzeria is a happy place for pizza lovers. Founded in the old Library in the Centre of Cambridge, Jamie's Pizzeria is at Oxford and Cambridge serving traditional Italian Pizza’s, sides and desserts.

The ethos of the restaurant is simple, seasonal and fresh !! So if a particular ingredient is not able to be sourced fresh, it is not served at Jamie's Pizzeria. The chef takes pride in the fact that the pizza dough is freshly made everyday. No frozen foods or doughs for this pizzeria. Actually that is the main differentiator.... the dough 'made with love' everyday !! One can actually feel the freshness and lightness of the base in the very first bite !!

The ambience is rustic, the idea being, to be part of the community, though I think a little too rustic for my liking !! The walls are scribbled with drawings and paintings giving the place a casual feel and the open kitchen gives you a peek into the food being cooked. Though again the visible clutter in the kitchen could have been curtailed.

The menu is a blend of traditional best-selling Italian dishes and some more contemporary dishes with a Jamie and Gennaro twist. Menu and design takes into account local ingredients and culture so there is always something new to experience.