Ridiculously Simple but Awesomely Delicious Pasta

So I came across this ridiculously simple pasta recipe on the Donna Hay show the other day, and because of its simplicity I had to try it... and for the same reason share it with you all.
It's so simple that it doesn't even have a name :-) Though the recipe ROCKS !!

Its perfect for those days when your fridge is empty of all veggies (which happens to me more often than not) or one of those nights when you are back from work and just don't wanna make an elaborate dinner cutting chopping vegetables, nor order out (that too happens with me very often :P)
While it's fun to painstakingly cook from scratch but I think we all need such quick-cheat's- go-to recipes in our repertoire. 
KJ liked it so much, he was willing I cooked it for some of our guests. 
A delicious recipe surely doesn't have to be complicated. Routine cupboard ingredients beautifully fix a meal.

The perfect accompaniment: A glass of white wine.   


Penne Pasta 250g (or any other pasta of your choice)

Brown Bread Slices 4

Sun Dried Tomatos 5-6 pieces

Olive Oil

Parsley  or any other fresh herb


1. Boil Pasta.

2. While the pasta is boiling put the bread slices in the food processor and pulse coarsely.

3. Cut the sun dried tomato into small pieces.

4. Take a pan, add 2 tsps of olive oil ( here I used the olive oil in which the sun dried tomatoes are soaked) saute` and toast the crumbled bread and sun dried tomatoes, till the crumbs become a little crisp. 

5. The pasta should've boiled in the mean time. Drain in a colander.

6.Once drained properly, transfer in a bowl, add a little extra virgin olive oil, now add the bread crumb- sun dried tomato mixture. Season with black pepper. Give it a toss. 

7. Finish with a few sprigs of parsley. Serve.

Note:- There is a lot more that you can do or add to this. You could add bacon, ham, olives, parmesan cheese etc.

Happy Cooking !!