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Day 22

I'm on a dip roll these days and I must confess that while I have made a lot of them, many a times over, many dips are new to me. I'm learning them, making them, enjoying them as I go along my series of '30days30dips' !! And I'm loving it !! 

Like my father rightly said, this is the only way to get me to blog as often as I am doing now, otherwise I invariably get stuck in the rut of life and my blog takes a back seat. 
Guess what.....writing and religiously making a one dip like this everyday and hearing from so many friends is addictive !! Let's hope I remain as dedicated and active with my blog as I am now, during this series. I promise I'll try to with all my heart......

Generally in our minds, a dip means a savoury sauce !
What is a dip ? What is it's purpose ? Essentially a dip is a dipping sauce in which one dunks their appetizer / finger foods before eating ! We have a dip along with our finger foods to add that extra punch of flavour then why not a sweet dip ! It works as well, sometimes even better !! 
Especially if it is a mayo based fresh fruit dip.

With the Mango season around, what better fruit could I choose for my fruit dip than the mango !! Yes it is a Fresh Mango dip which lends a completely new dimension to your appetizers. My personal favourites with this dip are chicken strips or bread sticks, though of course you can have it with whatever you like. 

Honey Mango Dip


½ cup mayonnaise

½ cup fresh mango pieces

2 tbsp fresh cilantro leaves

1 tbsp honey

Pinch (small) curry powder

3-4 drops Tabasco

½ tsp fresh lemon juice


1. Blitz all ingredients in a blender till well blended.

2. Transfer in a serving dish and serve or bottle it and store in the refrigerator. It stays happy for up to a week.

Happy dipping !!


  1. I absolutely love you dip recipes and think of recipes to go with these dips!! Haha :-D

    I have to ask - can I use garam masala for curry powder and corriander in place of cilantro?

  2. Yes you can use corriander in place of cilantro and as far as garam masala goes...i'm not sure....may be just add a small pinch.... and tell me how it turned out.
    If you don't want to be that daring, you can completely omit the curry powder bit.

    1. Alrighty. I shall try this out. Who knew mayo and mango could be combined to get such an irresistible outcome ;)

  3. Irresistible combo of mango, honey, lime and tabasco :)

    1. Yeah indeed !! I never knew before this that mango and mayo is heavenly !! :-)

  4. You should seriously write a book on these condiments. They are wonderful.

    1. Thank you Michelle !! God willing one say I should be able to do that.... will let u know.... will you buy??? :-)

    2. Thank you Michelle !! God willing one say I should be able to do that.... will let u know.... will you buy??? :-)

  5. Ur recipes always rock...thnku so mch

    1. Thank you so much Raushni. Let me know when you try any.... how they turned out !! Cheers !!

  6. Ur recipes always rock...thnku so mch

  7. looks really interesting.. will surely try it out


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