Condiment Series | Tartare | Dip

Day 18

Another popular dip ! Though it's claim to fame is thanks to only one dish - Fish'n'Chips.
Of course nothing stops you from eating it with just anything else in the world, after all the base is Mayo.

So tartare is essentially Mayo with pickles or gherkins and herbs and has a sharp taste to it with a hint of tanginess, and complements the salty taste of the fish.

If you thought Thousand Islands was simple to make this is even simpler. Here it goes:

Tartare Sauce


1 cup Mayonnaise (get the recipe here)
2 tbsps Pickled Gherkins or Sweet Relish finely chopped (I used sweet relish)* (get the recipe here)
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
a dash of black pepper
1 tsp dill leaves finely chopped
a pinch of salt


Mix all the above ingredients properly.
Transfer in a serving dish and serve.
Best served with fish fingers.


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